Thursday, 18 June 2015

What is Google’s phantom update and how to deal with it!

Google has confirmed that it is live and it’s simply called the Quality Update, which turns out to be as distantly threatening as it sounds. The new update is paying attention to rooting out irrelevant “How to” websites.

On April 21, Google unleashed its update on the online world. However, most businesses and entrepreneurs were in the loop and had sufficient time to react and take appropriate measures.
You must realize that Google will be updating its algorithm on a regular basis to give out more quality content to Google searchers. This isn't really the first time Google has done this update! People were so anxious of this update that they began referring to as the “Phantom” update. 

Here’s statistic graph on the sites that have been the most affected:

 What Google expects from you as a content creator:
  1. Duplicate content and unnecessary irrelevant articles are a big No-No.
  2. Avoid creating  thin content.
  3. Give utmost importance to user experience. For example, too many ads on your site can create a negative visitor experience and have an undesired impact on your rankings.
  4. Your content should be extremely trustworthy. Visitors that land on your site should feel comfortable giving you their credit card information.
  5. Your articles should be free of spelling and errors.
  6. Are you determined to give your target users an in-depth look into the subject matter?

Among the biggest winners was information source : Quora. This is probable due to its high content quality standards – the site has very strict guidelines for user-supplied answers to questions.

If your low quality content has been affected, it's time for a new plan or strategy. Quality signals aren't anything new, but you can be rest assured that Google is only going to clamp down on low-grade content with greater force in times to come.

In the end, It’s all about quality –Don’t settle for anything less!

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Aditi Namburi
Social Media Account Manager

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