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Friday, 6 May 2016

Growth Hacks for your Social Engagement.

The famine due to lack of engagement leaves a negative mark scarring your brand page.
Does your Facebook page look like a ghost town? Your brand requires a dose of engagement at least twice in a particular week. But how do you know which content will get you the eyeballs and the talking mouths? Creating revenue of engaging content is essential to your marketing strategy. We at DNA labs after quite a hustle on this serious issue, have come up with a few tips that will help all the marketers, reach their goal.

With so much to gain—and with absolutely nothing to lose—shouldn’t you at least take a look?

               The primary and most important way to pull your audience to engage with you is by
                                          “understanding what they want.”

Apart from these – a few key points for every content marketer to keep in his mind:-

1. Create content that is connecting to the brand but will connect to the audience more quickly.
A Survey revealed that a good creative in Facebook connects faster.
Bone- tickling and relatable hash tags work faster and get more tweets.
Example - #IHateMondays #LeoOscar #SEO #Marketing.

2. Using emoticons for your content will hit your content in a straight drive – out of the stadium. 
Emoticons express the sudden emerge of feeling that you as a marketer would want to deliver to your audience. 
Facebook has used this strategy in a very humongous way, giving the thumbs up emoticon his new set of buddies, namely -
It is seen that the freedom to express more freely has hit the audience at bull’s eye. 
*Source – Larry Kim*

3. Tell your audience that the question is tough and you’ll see most of your audience just trying to prove you wrong ;). This is quite an old yet winning strategy.
Example – The era of 2010 – 2013 was completely occupied with posts like 
  a. “The world’s hardest question.”
  b. “Solve this question …. 90% people get it wrong”
The excitement to prove themselves on the internet makes them respond.
To make this work it is recommended that 
2 people already comment on the post
1 correct answer and 1 wrong answer. This step is for the audience to get morale support because no one wants to make a fool of him-self on the internet.

4. Leave your text in …. 

Well that is the secre

Well, no more of this trouble 
the point is to leave your audience with half information which provokes them to click on the creative or go for a referral link if any. At this cross-point it is necessary that the question you shall be asking is beautifully designed on your creative, it should make your audience stay there for 5 seconds. And then, the audience is all in the grasp of the writer. 

5. Creating questions which audience would be having an idea of is very essential. A few tips to understand the knowledge zone of your audience.
Try giving few ‘tips and Did-You-Knows’ before engaging them in a questionnaire. If not, it is like an examination to which no one came prepared. RESULT – Everybody fails. 
Example - 
Make sure your question is regarding a subject that you have been hitting since a week or two; in-case your audience scroll down your newsfeed, they’ll know the answer and are definite to respond. 
Try asking your audience what they would like to see on your page. By doing this you will be able to have a data-analysis of ‘Who wants what’ and based on which you know on which topic of engagement will you succeed. 
Understand the fact that all your audience won’t turn into your customers; so make sure you post out generic content of engagement instead of plain brand-engagement, so that, you can still keep the odd ones in the game. The lesser the crowd, the ghastly your page. 

6. Analyse your previous questions to understand what level of difficult questions your audience are engaging with.
 Can you go to the next level?
 This is a preliminary step to reach a better stage of engagement. Understanding based on the frequent questions if your audience can tackle a tougher one.

7. Be all eyes and ears to your audience’s opinion. Engage them in one weekly post asking them about the difficulty of the trivia.
Know if it was easy or hard
If easy – let them know that the hard question comes in next week (Refer point 3). 
if hard – Give them knowledge updates (or) Go down a difficulty medium in your engagement level and prepare your audience.

8. Reply back either in the comment section or in a private message if the audience have given the right answers or not.
Make sure you tag them instead of reaching to them in general or as one. 
Raj, Sandhya, Aparna that is the wrong answer. Josh your answer is correct.
        [This is appropriate, rather than]
Thanks for playing guys!!

9. Make sure to thank your regular audience in a special way for their love.
  Example - 
   1. Dominos sent a free pizza to one its regular page audience.
   2. A Designing page gifted their audience a calligram of his name when he gifted them a doodle of their brand. 
By doing this your audience will help you in your page hygiene. Remember your audience and your content only will market the brand.
So, marketers if you were waiting for the perfect time to seize your audience, the time is now. Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your content, for there is always an opportunity to make a difference. 

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Monday, 26 October 2015


Any big or small organization can make any number of mistakes. Mistakes regarding your customers or customer service cannot be taken carelessly. It can break or make your company’s reputation and brand value.

There are many mistakes that can cost you your customers. Take an action on these:  

1.      First impression is the last impression: If your website takes time to load, if there is an unnecessary pop up ad or if a post on social media goes wrong, all these factors can

affect your impression and will make you lose your followers/customers. Instead, make them feel welcomed and create a lasting impression! 

2.      Not paying attention to the customer’s queries: By not answering back and not responding to the queries seriously will take a toll on your company’s reputation. If a customer has raised a query, he is 50% into your product, do not make a mistake of ignoring the customer.

3.      When you don’t acknowledge your customers: Its always pleasing to say Thank You and Sorry! Appreciate and acknowledge whenever it’s necessary, It gives the customers a sense of importance and this will connect your brand to your customer.

4.      Not committing to what you say: If you have promised your customers something, make sure you stick to your commitments. If not then not only are you going to lose the customer but also their trust and loyalty. Once the trust breaks, it’s difficult to win back the customer. You don’t want that! If things don’t happen as you promised, be kind and apologize to everyone personally. This increases brand loyalty.

6.      Taking positive feedback only and ignoring negative feedback: Never ignore your negative feedback, apologize and take respective action instantly. Turning a negative feedback into a positive one later on will win customers!

7.      Not being approachable: If a customer needs you, make sure you are available. If not, suggest them where to contact you. Never make a customer look hard to reach you, this will make them lose interest and there are high chances of them switching to other means only because of this mistake.

8.      Trying to prove you’re right all the time: Never argue, even if you are right, Apologize and explain to them in a better way. If this happens often, always be humble and explain to your customers. Proving right all the time will affect the brand and you don’t want that.

Keep your eyes open to these mistakes; else your customers won’t come back.
It’s not always possible to pinpoint problems right away or to prevent them from happening at all. It takes skill with quick and active approach from you and your company to minimize the damage.

Do you find these tips valuable? Do let us know your feedback through comments.
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Aditi Namburi
Social Media Account Manager

Friday, 9 October 2015

8 killer ways to get more engagement on social media posts: 9th October,2015.

Any Marketer’s social media objective is to engage audience. Engage in a way that it adds value to the brand and spreads a positive message. Engagement is the only way to measure brand’s social media success. It may come in forms likes, shares, comments, tags, re-tweets, replies, mentions, follows, favorites, repins, clicks, up votes, +1s, views and many more.
Most of them stop updating their page when they aren’t seeing the results that they want despite their continuous updates. To increase engagement on social media, you need to create content that is personal and definitely relevant.

Here are few ways to get solid engagement on your social media posts:

1.      What’s in it for me, way: Everyone focusses on finding solutions while they surf, and when the content you post solves their problem, you win the audience’s focus! Hence, posting something that solves your audience’s problem will get you closer to them.
(Like how I’m helping you with this blog ;) )

2.      Ask for Feedback: You may come across as rude or weird but there’s a subtle way to ask for comments, shares and likes and that is totally fine. For example, after a blog post, you can ask “what do you think” or “Do give feedback” so that you let that thought seep into their minds which will open up for a great conversation!

3.      Create content according to the platform: Each platform is different, hence the content also needs to be in coherence with the platform. It makes no sense to post same thing in same format on different platforms.

4.      The Right Images: Images attract audience the most, better the images, and better the engagement! Here’s the list of most shared images on social media:
a. Animated Graphics.
b. Hand drawn Images.
c. Graphs and charts
d. Stock Photos
e. Screenshots.
(Source: QuickSprout.com)

5.      Strong Headlines: Unless you have a creative headline, nobody is going to look at your post. Creating strong headlines can make or break your post and effort!
Use “You” , “Odd numbers” , or ask a question that people ask often. In brief, something very relatable.

6.      Quiz time: Everyone wants to beat the other in games and quizzes and when you hit the audience’s soft spot with a quiz, you win them! Host a quiz and see the rush of exposure from the quiz itself.

7.      Influence a trend on social media:  You need to be trendsetter or be a part of the trend to attract audience. For example, if a hash tag is going viral, try creating content around the hash tag and be up-to-date. A brand that is latest can never die or fade.

8.       Maintain an optimal length for your posts: Posts that are of certain length are likely to get more likes, shares and retweets. Here’s the optimal length for content :
Tweets: 71 – 100 characters
Facebook Posts: 40 characters
LinkedIn Posts: 25 words
Google+ posts: 60 characters
Hash tag: 6 characters
Title Tags: 55 characters
Blogs: 1600 words
(Source: BufferSocial)

                           Engage users in a way that they never forget your brand!

Do you find these tips valuable? Do let us know your feedback through comments.
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Aditi Namburi
Social Media Account Manager

Monday, 28 September 2015


Growth hacks are nothing but substitutes to the big budget marketing campaigns that are used by large marketing firms/agencies. Smaller companies need to be more innovative to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing campaign and resources. Hence they indulge in growth hacking techniques.
Relying heavily on SEO to drive traffic to your website is a big failure technique. There are many more growth hack techniques which will drive immense traffic to your website.

Social media drives communication to drive traffic which leads to sales and revenue. Marketing is simply getting customers and by that anything that gets customers is a marketing success.

Growth Hack Techniques:

  Use Social logins : You don’t want to users to bounce off only because you want them to sign in with details, rather use social logins to sign them up which will make it easier and faster for users to sign up or register.

  Make videos : Videos are trending and you don’t want to miss any chance to be in the trend. Create videos which will inform users about your brand and its story. Writing long paragraphs is old school and is boring. In a fast pace life, users would love to see pictures and audio. It builds credibility and increases your searchibility.

   Learn what audience wants : Knowing where your audience hangs out the most and their social behavior is utmost important. Get to know where they are most of the time and target your message right there. 

   Write longer posts : Longer posts help in SEO. Today’s  SEO landscape is focused on high quality content. This means longer, more in depth, insightful, and thorough content. Longer posts get shared more, leading to greater visibility, engagement and interaction.

  Podcast  : Podcasts are booming and is increasingly becoming the most popular audio preferences. It helps in visibility and helps in building traffic and keeps users engaged

Lot of graphs and proofs : Who wouldn’t like to see numbers and proofs for your brand. Using testimonials and statistics, quotes increases trust of your users and gives validation. These tactics can resolve issues in five categories: acquisition, activation, retention, referral and revenue.

Here’s what growth hacking can do for your brand.
1. Builds a lasting impression of your brand that resonates with people.
2. Ranks high on Google and other search engines. 3. Generates lots of traffic to website.

3. Engages visitors and builds a large email list.

4. Reaches influencers and builds a massive network.

5. Engages visitors and builds a large email list.

6. Reaches influencers and builds a massive network.

Growth hack today and rediscover your brand visibility and drive massive traffic to your website!

Do you find these tips valuable? Do let us know your feedback through comments.
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Aditi Namburi
Social Media Account Manager

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Check out the ultimate way to engage with your customers!

A great man once said, “Customers buy with their hearts. Touch their hearts and they’ll be back for more. Miss this insight, their emotion and you’ll lose business” 

Getting customers to your site is the first step which can be brought by many means but the most necessary step people often tend to ignore is engaging users with the website.
Every user is on your site looking for something specific. If you don’t make it an easier and smoother experience, you will see users bouncing off.

Make the customers feel like they’re priority to you and that can happen by personalizing aka humanizing your marketing approach.

Here are the ways you can personalize your website and engage customers:

1.      Have targeted offers: By understanding your user’s online behavior and persona, you will be able to provide them with the tailored offering that is perfect for their needs.

2.      Acknowledge and reward faithful customers: For ex: Reward customers with various offers on selected items/products for a limited time. Offer services and vouchers that can be unveiled only by your loyal customers. Give them an opportunity to participate in referral programs and product trials.

3.      Create effective exit intent pop-ups: These pop-ups remind us to take a certain action before we leave the site. In order to reduce the customer’s frustration of not having found what they want, we can display customized messages/offers/news in these pop ups and turn their frustration to some value. If it is clear, targeted and benefits the customer then it surely is an effective way to engage users.

4.      Personalize your landing page: These days, dedicated landing pages have become a product.The programmed process of personalizing landing pages with the information you have, is what makes your landing page’s optimization success. For ex : displaying the customer’s or company’s name as soon they land on your site.

5.      Customize calls to action: Create using targeted action buttons instead of ordinary plain calls to action based on their past behavior.

6.      Create personalized 404 error pages: Blank white page with 404 error message? How boring! When customers land on your 404 pages, Convert their frustration and into a targeted action. Design it with colors and offer your customers personalized content based on past interests.

7.      Say thank you: Include a personal thank you message by mentioning the name of the person. It shows the customers that you value their interests.

In short, understand your customers and their desires then go ahead and deliver the personalized content!

Do you find these tips valuable? Do let us know your feedback through comments.
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Aditi Namburi
Social Media Account Manager


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

9 highly effective Blogging Tips for Branding

Blogging is an art of writing and making a journal of your opinions tips and experiences. So,Why not do it better?  
Unknowingly a good blog will uplift your brand’s value. It’s an amalgamation of content, social media marketing and SEO. One of the best ways to keep in touch with your clients informatively.

Here’s how you can make a difference to your blog in no time. 

1.      Take your content to the right people: Target your blog to the right people; else there are high chances of your blog to be lost to the wrong audience in this ocean of social media.

2.      Maintain your originality: It’s easy to copy, but difficult to be original. There is nothing wrong in getting inspired, but readers read original content more than revamped content and blog readers do have a  knack to know what is original and what is not.

3.      Differences in opinions may cause controversies, but don’t be afraid: Controversy sells. We all know that, if there are a lot of readers differing to your opinion, acknowledge their opinions. Don’t be afraid.

4.      Take advantage of social media platforms:Post it on all platforms which will help you reach the right audience. Boosting your posts according to the interests and demographics  will help you achieve your purpose.  

5.      Use long keywords to be easily found: Taper the focus of search-engine’s search through the use of terms and phrases largely referred to as long keywords. Not many people will make use of these long words, but people who do, will notice your blog on the first page itself.  Wouldn’t you want to be there anyway? 

6.      Use enough pictures: Make it interesting, move from boring content to Multimedia! Use videos, gifs and pictures to inform and educate creatively.

7.      Know when you’re posting: Timings and days are important. Most prefer to post on Mondays and Thursdays during 9am-12pm.  To be more accurate, Google analytics will help you better in determining the right timing and days. 

8.      Track your results: Don’t leave it once you have posted the blog. Keep a track and analyze your performance on weekly basis as this will help you strategize your next blog.

9.      Be patient: Success isn’t going to kiss your feet overnight. Many give up on blogging too early because they don’t see immediate results. If they kept producing content and promoted their blog, they would’ve eventually achieved their goal. 

For a blog to work as an integral part of your content marketing program, you must create strong information your target audience seeks and needs. Do it smartly!

Do you find these tips valuable? Do let us know your feedback through comments.
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Aditi Namburi
Social Media Account Manager