Wednesday, 29 July 2015

9 highly effective Blogging Tips for Branding

Blogging is an art of writing and making a journal of your opinions tips and experiences. So,Why not do it better?  
Unknowingly a good blog will uplift your brand’s value. It’s an amalgamation of content, social media marketing and SEO. One of the best ways to keep in touch with your clients informatively.

Here’s how you can make a difference to your blog in no time. 

1.      Take your content to the right people: Target your blog to the right people; else there are high chances of your blog to be lost to the wrong audience in this ocean of social media.

2.      Maintain your originality: It’s easy to copy, but difficult to be original. There is nothing wrong in getting inspired, but readers read original content more than revamped content and blog readers do have a  knack to know what is original and what is not.

3.      Differences in opinions may cause controversies, but don’t be afraid: Controversy sells. We all know that, if there are a lot of readers differing to your opinion, acknowledge their opinions. Don’t be afraid.

4.      Take advantage of social media platforms:Post it on all platforms which will help you reach the right audience. Boosting your posts according to the interests and demographics  will help you achieve your purpose.  

5.      Use long keywords to be easily found: Taper the focus of search-engine’s search through the use of terms and phrases largely referred to as long keywords. Not many people will make use of these long words, but people who do, will notice your blog on the first page itself.  Wouldn’t you want to be there anyway? 

6.      Use enough pictures: Make it interesting, move from boring content to Multimedia! Use videos, gifs and pictures to inform and educate creatively.

7.      Know when you’re posting: Timings and days are important. Most prefer to post on Mondays and Thursdays during 9am-12pm.  To be more accurate, Google analytics will help you better in determining the right timing and days. 

8.      Track your results: Don’t leave it once you have posted the blog. Keep a track and analyze your performance on weekly basis as this will help you strategize your next blog.

9.      Be patient: Success isn’t going to kiss your feet overnight. Many give up on blogging too early because they don’t see immediate results. If they kept producing content and promoted their blog, they would’ve eventually achieved their goal. 

For a blog to work as an integral part of your content marketing program, you must create strong information your target audience seeks and needs. Do it smartly!

Do you find these tips valuable? Do let us know your feedback through comments.
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Aditi Namburi
Social Media Account Manager

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