Monday, 20 July 2015

5 reasons why your customers are not converting on your website!

Your website symbolizes your business. That’s what the majority of your customers/audiences know about your business. What they experience on your website is directly proportional to their decisions whether to purchase (or not) your products & services. Hence one mustn’t take a website, web visuals very casually. Every design should be built in a way so as to make the experience a comfortable one and as a result, answer an enquirer’s questions.
A well-made website organically raises a company's business and strengthens its branding.

Here’s why your website isn’t selling and we’ll tell you how to fix them:

1.       Poor Navigation :
Too many links can annoy your audience. When something that your audience is looking for is not easily found, they will most likely click on the little ‘x’ button and close the window.

How to fix it:
Firstly, you need to improve your navigational bar by reviewing the wording on the menu. Check if it’s simple, if it’s conveying your message and if it’s leading to whatever you’re audience might be searching for.

2.       Poor landing page design:
Your landing page can make or break a person’s first impression about your brand. It can determine how your website is performing.

How to fix it:
Focus on the right content and right imagery. Break up your content into short sentences or testimonials so that it’s easier for people to take an instant decision. Keep it simple.
Consider taking a video to explain your products and services rather than stock images which will not convey your message and will take up more space than required.

3.       Extremely flashy website:
If your website is designed in flash completely, you are missing out on a lot of clients. It’s not necessary that all clients have flash enabled browsers and some mobile devices do not support flash. One needs to be aware that flash eventually will be weakened which will leave your website hanging and will be of no use.


How to fix it:
HTML5 is the way! One can enjoy superior accessibility. It has better audio and video support and has less hassle to design with cleaner coding.

4.       If your website is not responsive:
From this year, Google is going to push down the unresponsive sites and is going to boost websites which are more mobile friendly. It’s proven that mobile friendly sites receive lesser bounce rates and higher conversion rates.


 How to fix it:
There are plenty of sites which help you create mobile friendly websites. The only way to fix this is to make it a mobile-friendly website. Connect with us and we’ll help you with it better.

5.       No time to test your website :
What’s the point if after spending so much on design and content; you still aren’t sure and feel something is not good enough?

How to fix it :
TEST it right away. If you want high conversion rates, have an A/B testing done. Or split testing, i.e. technique employed to compare different variations of your web pages against each other to find out which one produces the best results.


There is always room to improve and for that you need to have a critical eye towards the details.

Write your observations or ask your friends/partners to list what they like and dislike and make necessary changes.

Do you find these tips valuable? Do let us know your feedback through comments.
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