Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sure shot ways to increase your shares on Facebook!

Content marketing is made valuable with social media marketing and search engine optimization.

Social media plays a big role in distributing that content, for example sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google + are platforms which allow good content to become viral. In other words, virtual version of word of mouth marketing.

We often are under this misconception that higher the likes,higher is the engagement. No, it’s a myth. Facebook is pretty smart, we all know that. Engagement is not made equal. There is different weight-age for likes, comments and shares.

Facebook’s News feed algorithm places a different weight on likes, comments and shares where  shares are given the highest weight and likes the least.  Yes! Say goodbye to your misconception.
Let’s break it down for you.

                                         The real meaning of likes, comments and shares.

Likes: It is just a social media gesture on Facebook!

Comments: It has a higher weight age than likes and is more like portraying your opinion on the post.

Shares: It is like a cherry on the cake, you want everyone to know and that’s huge in terms of exposure, recommendation and word of mouth. Hence, Facebook assigns highest weight-age to shares. 

                              Here’s how to boost shares on Facebook organically!

1.      Post stories that make you go” aww, laugh or cry or shock you”: Unless they bring out any emotion, it is not going to work. Post some crazy content to make people notice.

2.      Analyze your top ten posts from insights: Follow the insights well and see if there’s any particular post that is being shared regularly, hit the target audience with the similar kind of posts and see the response!

3.      Understand the peak time of your page: Timings play a major role and you wouldn’t want to miss it. Second best time according to the insights works wonders as you won’t get lost in the ocean of other posts.

1.      Connect to current events: If you post about something which was done 2 months ago, nobody would be interested to even read. Shoot the current affairs and see an increase on your shares.

2.      Include a call to action. : Guide people and make them do what you are trying to achieve. Do not impose on them but a subtle message like “I bet you will share this” might create the greatest exposure for your page/profile.

Growing the number of social shares is not something that will “just happen instantly”. It’s a time taking process and with good usage of images it’s going to work really well!

Do you find these tips valuable? Do let us know your feedback through comments.
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Aditi Namburi
Social Media Account Manager

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