Wednesday, 1 July 2015


A new form of display advertisement has taken the whole marketing and advertising industry by storm and that’s called “Re-targeting”.

If you are new to this concept, let me introduce you to it:

Ever wondered what happened to all those customers who paid a visit to your website and never completed the desired action? There could be many reasons for them to switch to another website, but whatever the reason is they’ve left your channel and the impression you made has been quickly forgotten. With this Re-targeting facility you have that golden chance to make second, third impression as well.

Re-targeting has the ability to target display ads to consumers who have previously been to your site and haven’t completed a desired action. It is the practice based on the user’s previous online activity.

How Re-targeting helps your brand:

1.      Builds brand recall: Keep them warm with your re-targeting ads while keeping building recognition.

2.      Another chance to make an impression: It’s a second chance that you have, to create an impression on your prospects. They might have gotten distracted by some phone call or power cut, it can be anything. You can re-target this prospect with additional information about the various features of your offering which they would’ve missed.

3.      Cross-promotion opportunities: After a visitor turns into a buyer, you can re-target the same customer with upgraded products, new products and new offers.

4.      Re-targeting creates another point of contact: If your prospect already has contacted you in some way or the other, business card, mail, re-targeting ads provides you another point of contact with your brand.

5.      Choosing your audience: With regular display ads you can’t control your audience, but with re-targeting ads you have complete control. These people are then targeted only with very specific messages relating back to the site/page they visited previously.

6.      Mailing and updating your customers: If you have a good database or email ids of client, you can re-target them with email (campaigns) and encourage them to take the certain action for example discounts or upgrading software’s, reminders etc.

  Re-targeting collectively with many other marketing mediums will make a comprehensive strategy       which in return will give your brand an incredible lift and will increase your conversion rates.

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Aditi Namburi
Social Media Account Manager

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