Thursday, 6 August 2015

Check out the ultimate way to engage with your customers!

A great man once said, “Customers buy with their hearts. Touch their hearts and they’ll be back for more. Miss this insight, their emotion and you’ll lose business” 

Getting customers to your site is the first step which can be brought by many means but the most necessary step people often tend to ignore is engaging users with the website.
Every user is on your site looking for something specific. If you don’t make it an easier and smoother experience, you will see users bouncing off.

Make the customers feel like they’re priority to you and that can happen by personalizing aka humanizing your marketing approach.

Here are the ways you can personalize your website and engage customers:

1.      Have targeted offers: By understanding your user’s online behavior and persona, you will be able to provide them with the tailored offering that is perfect for their needs.

2.      Acknowledge and reward faithful customers: For ex: Reward customers with various offers on selected items/products for a limited time. Offer services and vouchers that can be unveiled only by your loyal customers. Give them an opportunity to participate in referral programs and product trials.

3.      Create effective exit intent pop-ups: These pop-ups remind us to take a certain action before we leave the site. In order to reduce the customer’s frustration of not having found what they want, we can display customized messages/offers/news in these pop ups and turn their frustration to some value. If it is clear, targeted and benefits the customer then it surely is an effective way to engage users.

4.      Personalize your landing page: These days, dedicated landing pages have become a product.The programmed process of personalizing landing pages with the information you have, is what makes your landing page’s optimization success. For ex : displaying the customer’s or company’s name as soon they land on your site.

5.      Customize calls to action: Create using targeted action buttons instead of ordinary plain calls to action based on their past behavior.

6.      Create personalized 404 error pages: Blank white page with 404 error message? How boring! When customers land on your 404 pages, Convert their frustration and into a targeted action. Design it with colors and offer your customers personalized content based on past interests.

7.      Say thank you: Include a personal thank you message by mentioning the name of the person. It shows the customers that you value their interests.

In short, understand your customers and their desires then go ahead and deliver the personalized content!

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Aditi Namburi
Social Media Account Manager


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