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Growth hacks are nothing but substitutes to the big budget marketing campaigns that are used by large marketing firms/agencies. Smaller companies need to be more innovative to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing campaign and resources. Hence they indulge in growth hacking techniques.
Relying heavily on SEO to drive traffic to your website is a big failure technique. There are many more growth hack techniques which will drive immense traffic to your website.

Social media drives communication to drive traffic which leads to sales and revenue. Marketing is simply getting customers and by that anything that gets customers is a marketing success.

Growth Hack Techniques:

  Use Social logins : You don’t want to users to bounce off only because you want them to sign in with details, rather use social logins to sign them up which will make it easier and faster for users to sign up or register.

  Make videos : Videos are trending and you don’t want to miss any chance to be in the trend. Create videos which will inform users about your brand and its story. Writing long paragraphs is old school and is boring. In a fast pace life, users would love to see pictures and audio. It builds credibility and increases your searchibility.

   Learn what audience wants : Knowing where your audience hangs out the most and their social behavior is utmost important. Get to know where they are most of the time and target your message right there. 

   Write longer posts : Longer posts help in SEO. Today’s  SEO landscape is focused on high quality content. This means longer, more in depth, insightful, and thorough content. Longer posts get shared more, leading to greater visibility, engagement and interaction.

  Podcast  : Podcasts are booming and is increasingly becoming the most popular audio preferences. It helps in visibility and helps in building traffic and keeps users engaged

Lot of graphs and proofs : Who wouldn’t like to see numbers and proofs for your brand. Using testimonials and statistics, quotes increases trust of your users and gives validation. These tactics can resolve issues in five categories: acquisition, activation, retention, referral and revenue.

Here’s what growth hacking can do for your brand.
1. Builds a lasting impression of your brand that resonates with people.
2. Ranks high on Google and other search engines. 3. Generates lots of traffic to website.

3. Engages visitors and builds a large email list.

4. Reaches influencers and builds a massive network.

5. Engages visitors and builds a large email list.

6. Reaches influencers and builds a massive network.

Growth hack today and rediscover your brand visibility and drive massive traffic to your website!

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Aditi Namburi
Social Media Account Manager

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