Friday, 9 October 2015

8 killer ways to get more engagement on social media posts: 9th October,2015.

Any Marketer’s social media objective is to engage audience. Engage in a way that it adds value to the brand and spreads a positive message. Engagement is the only way to measure brand’s social media success. It may come in forms likes, shares, comments, tags, re-tweets, replies, mentions, follows, favorites, repins, clicks, up votes, +1s, views and many more.
Most of them stop updating their page when they aren’t seeing the results that they want despite their continuous updates. To increase engagement on social media, you need to create content that is personal and definitely relevant.

Here are few ways to get solid engagement on your social media posts:

1.      What’s in it for me, way: Everyone focusses on finding solutions while they surf, and when the content you post solves their problem, you win the audience’s focus! Hence, posting something that solves your audience’s problem will get you closer to them.
(Like how I’m helping you with this blog ;) )

2.      Ask for Feedback: You may come across as rude or weird but there’s a subtle way to ask for comments, shares and likes and that is totally fine. For example, after a blog post, you can ask “what do you think” or “Do give feedback” so that you let that thought seep into their minds which will open up for a great conversation!

3.      Create content according to the platform: Each platform is different, hence the content also needs to be in coherence with the platform. It makes no sense to post same thing in same format on different platforms.

4.      The Right Images: Images attract audience the most, better the images, and better the engagement! Here’s the list of most shared images on social media:
a. Animated Graphics.
b. Hand drawn Images.
c. Graphs and charts
d. Stock Photos
e. Screenshots.

5.      Strong Headlines: Unless you have a creative headline, nobody is going to look at your post. Creating strong headlines can make or break your post and effort!
Use “You” , “Odd numbers” , or ask a question that people ask often. In brief, something very relatable.

6.      Quiz time: Everyone wants to beat the other in games and quizzes and when you hit the audience’s soft spot with a quiz, you win them! Host a quiz and see the rush of exposure from the quiz itself.

7.      Influence a trend on social media:  You need to be trendsetter or be a part of the trend to attract audience. For example, if a hash tag is going viral, try creating content around the hash tag and be up-to-date. A brand that is latest can never die or fade.

8.       Maintain an optimal length for your posts: Posts that are of certain length are likely to get more likes, shares and retweets. Here’s the optimal length for content :
Tweets: 71 – 100 characters
Facebook Posts: 40 characters
LinkedIn Posts: 25 words
Google+ posts: 60 characters
Hash tag: 6 characters
Title Tags: 55 characters
Blogs: 1600 words
(Source: BufferSocial)

                           Engage users in a way that they never forget your brand!

Do you find these tips valuable? Do let us know your feedback through comments.
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Aditi Namburi
Social Media Account Manager

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