Monday, 26 October 2015


Any big or small organization can make any number of mistakes. Mistakes regarding your customers or customer service cannot be taken carelessly. It can break or make your company’s reputation and brand value.

There are many mistakes that can cost you your customers. Take an action on these:  

1.      First impression is the last impression: If your website takes time to load, if there is an unnecessary pop up ad or if a post on social media goes wrong, all these factors can

affect your impression and will make you lose your followers/customers. Instead, make them feel welcomed and create a lasting impression! 

2.      Not paying attention to the customer’s queries: By not answering back and not responding to the queries seriously will take a toll on your company’s reputation. If a customer has raised a query, he is 50% into your product, do not make a mistake of ignoring the customer.

3.      When you don’t acknowledge your customers: Its always pleasing to say Thank You and Sorry! Appreciate and acknowledge whenever it’s necessary, It gives the customers a sense of importance and this will connect your brand to your customer.

4.      Not committing to what you say: If you have promised your customers something, make sure you stick to your commitments. If not then not only are you going to lose the customer but also their trust and loyalty. Once the trust breaks, it’s difficult to win back the customer. You don’t want that! If things don’t happen as you promised, be kind and apologize to everyone personally. This increases brand loyalty.

6.      Taking positive feedback only and ignoring negative feedback: Never ignore your negative feedback, apologize and take respective action instantly. Turning a negative feedback into a positive one later on will win customers!

7.      Not being approachable: If a customer needs you, make sure you are available. If not, suggest them where to contact you. Never make a customer look hard to reach you, this will make them lose interest and there are high chances of them switching to other means only because of this mistake.

8.      Trying to prove you’re right all the time: Never argue, even if you are right, Apologize and explain to them in a better way. If this happens often, always be humble and explain to your customers. Proving right all the time will affect the brand and you don’t want that.

Keep your eyes open to these mistakes; else your customers won’t come back.
It’s not always possible to pinpoint problems right away or to prevent them from happening at all. It takes skill with quick and active approach from you and your company to minimize the damage.

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Aditi Namburi
Social Media Account Manager


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