Friday, 6 May 2016

Growth Hacks for your Social Engagement.

The famine due to lack of engagement leaves a negative mark scarring your brand page.
Does your Facebook page look like a ghost town? Your brand requires a dose of engagement at least twice in a particular week. But how do you know which content will get you the eyeballs and the talking mouths? Creating revenue of engaging content is essential to your marketing strategy. We at DNA labs after quite a hustle on this serious issue, have come up with a few tips that will help all the marketers, reach their goal.

With so much to gain—and with absolutely nothing to lose—shouldn’t you at least take a look?

               The primary and most important way to pull your audience to engage with you is by
                                          “understanding what they want.”

Apart from these – a few key points for every content marketer to keep in his mind:-

1. Create content that is connecting to the brand but will connect to the audience more quickly.
A Survey revealed that a good creative in Facebook connects faster.
Bone- tickling and relatable hash tags work faster and get more tweets.
Example - #IHateMondays #LeoOscar #SEO #Marketing.

2. Using emoticons for your content will hit your content in a straight drive – out of the stadium. 
Emoticons express the sudden emerge of feeling that you as a marketer would want to deliver to your audience. 
Facebook has used this strategy in a very humongous way, giving the thumbs up emoticon his new set of buddies, namely -
It is seen that the freedom to express more freely has hit the audience at bull’s eye. 
*Source – Larry Kim*

3. Tell your audience that the question is tough and you’ll see most of your audience just trying to prove you wrong ;). This is quite an old yet winning strategy.
Example – The era of 2010 – 2013 was completely occupied with posts like 
  a. “The world’s hardest question.”
  b. “Solve this question …. 90% people get it wrong”
The excitement to prove themselves on the internet makes them respond.
To make this work it is recommended that 
2 people already comment on the post
1 correct answer and 1 wrong answer. This step is for the audience to get morale support because no one wants to make a fool of him-self on the internet.

4. Leave your text in …. 

Well that is the secre

Well, no more of this trouble 
the point is to leave your audience with half information which provokes them to click on the creative or go for a referral link if any. At this cross-point it is necessary that the question you shall be asking is beautifully designed on your creative, it should make your audience stay there for 5 seconds. And then, the audience is all in the grasp of the writer. 

5. Creating questions which audience would be having an idea of is very essential. A few tips to understand the knowledge zone of your audience.
Try giving few ‘tips and Did-You-Knows’ before engaging them in a questionnaire. If not, it is like an examination to which no one came prepared. RESULT – Everybody fails. 
Example - 
Make sure your question is regarding a subject that you have been hitting since a week or two; in-case your audience scroll down your newsfeed, they’ll know the answer and are definite to respond. 
Try asking your audience what they would like to see on your page. By doing this you will be able to have a data-analysis of ‘Who wants what’ and based on which you know on which topic of engagement will you succeed. 
Understand the fact that all your audience won’t turn into your customers; so make sure you post out generic content of engagement instead of plain brand-engagement, so that, you can still keep the odd ones in the game. The lesser the crowd, the ghastly your page. 

6. Analyse your previous questions to understand what level of difficult questions your audience are engaging with.
 Can you go to the next level?
 This is a preliminary step to reach a better stage of engagement. Understanding based on the frequent questions if your audience can tackle a tougher one.

7. Be all eyes and ears to your audience’s opinion. Engage them in one weekly post asking them about the difficulty of the trivia.
Know if it was easy or hard
If easy – let them know that the hard question comes in next week (Refer point 3). 
if hard – Give them knowledge updates (or) Go down a difficulty medium in your engagement level and prepare your audience.

8. Reply back either in the comment section or in a private message if the audience have given the right answers or not.
Make sure you tag them instead of reaching to them in general or as one. 
Raj, Sandhya, Aparna that is the wrong answer. Josh your answer is correct.
        [This is appropriate, rather than]
Thanks for playing guys!!

9. Make sure to thank your regular audience in a special way for their love.
  Example - 
   1. Dominos sent a free pizza to one its regular page audience.
   2. A Designing page gifted their audience a calligram of his name when he gifted them a doodle of their brand. 
By doing this your audience will help you in your page hygiene. Remember your audience and your content only will market the brand.
So, marketers if you were waiting for the perfect time to seize your audience, the time is now. Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your content, for there is always an opportunity to make a difference. 

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