Friday, 12 June 2015

How brands use Snapchat for marketing!

Just like how Twitter or Facebook were when they first came out, Snapchat still seems to be foreign and new to most businesses.
Yet, it remains to be one the most popular downloads on Apple and Android App Stores.
It’s no secret that mobile is golden; most people depend on their phone or tablet to access information.

If your target market is between 14-25 years, then Snapchat is what you’re looking for!

Snapchat is a tech darling at the moment. You communicate directly with people who are paying attention to you. It is a photo/video messaging application which sends videos photos to a controlled list of recipients.  With the creative use of ‘Stories’ on Snapchat, we are able to pull people into our lives 10 seconds at a time, and our friends can watch it over and over for 24 hours at their ease. We can doodle and sketch.  With messages, we can chat with our friends and even video chat 1:1.

At the same time there are more than a few benefits to using Snapchat to announce new products, make your company more humane, and to stand out from your competition!

5 Ways how brands can add Snapchat to their marketing strategy:

1 . Reward customers with creative discount Coupons. :  As market is young, it allows brands to deliver coupons in few seconds. They not only remunerate but can provide incentives to bring back customers for more.

2  . Showcase your new products: By creating a Snapchat story, you can tell audience what’s new and can ask them to check it out ASAP.

3     Provide instant Video answers to your customer queries. : When you have a series of queries coming in, create a Snap Video Story and answer to everyone.

4   . Showcase fun behind the scenes: Connect your brand to people by showing behind the scenes action, fun and drama. It makes your audience feel closer to the brand. 


 5  Educate your customers about new sales: Snaps can be used widely to greet your audience and letting them know about sales so that they can decide where to shop before itself.

Stand out from your competition and be where the future is. Master the platform before people enter it. With a user base in the millions, Snapchat is a feasible social platform that shouldn’t be ignored by most businesses.

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Aditi Namburi
Social Media Account Manager.

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