Tuesday, 10 March 2015

7 sure shot ways to nail your Instagram Marketing

With around 300 million monthly users and over 20 billion photos having been shared on Instagram, it is now the fastest growing social network. Instagram is a fantastic way to tell your story through photos and now videos too.  It gives you a glimpse of your brand’s character through pictures that can lead to better connections, new friends, and most importantly incredible industry connections.

Here at Social DNA, a digital marketing agency that believes to Build Amplify and Multiply your brands presence,  loves to explore all platforms.Out of all, Instagram has been our favourite!
We give you a wealth of amazing tips to turn your Instagram presence into something really big! 
                                 THINGS TO DO ON INSTAGRAM:

1.       Acknowledge your customers via special post or Direct Message(DM): It helps you improve your connection with the customers.  Rewarding them with some offers/discounts or special mentions will tell your company’s character from an outsiders perspective. A direct message will make it more customized and will add a touch of personalization.
2.       Humanize your brand :   This gives two benefits: By commenting, you are acknowledging your follower’s photo making your existence genuine. Secondly, your presence on your follower’s photos will get others to notice you.
3.       Make one or two unique hash tags for your brand: When you make your own hash tag, it will make it easier for your customers to find you amongst the 200 billion photos! It creates a virtual gallery for your brand.
4.       Add quotes based on your subject. : Quotes are very relatable. Once they connect to your customers, an impression is made and all you need is connection in the end!

Important : Use call to actions but don’t be too pushy. Make it easy for people to find you always
A few ways to use calls to action:
·         Click on the link in the bio section
·         Check out the link in my bio for more information.
·         Like our stuff? Connect to know more.

                              THINGS NOT TO DO ON INSTAGRAM:

5.      Over promotion: Don’t ever clog your followers’ feeds  with your products/services.
2 posts a day is ideal.
6.      Not to acknowledge what your follower posts. : It’s not only about posting your own photos, but also about commenting and liking other users’ content.
7.      Overly hash tagging: Yes, if you exceed the number of hash tags, it is going to dilute the effectiveness of your work and will show you as a desperate Spammer. Having 8 hash tags per post is ideal.

Do you find these tips valuable? Do let us know your feedback through comments.
If you are looking to get your brand onto instagram, Drop us(social media ninjas) a mail at aditya@socialdna.in or feel free to call us at +919849561567!

Build your Brand today! ;)

Aditi Namburi
Social Media Account Manager.

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