Friday, 3 April 2015

DO NOT SHARE EVERYTHING ON SOCIAL MEDIA, except this blog post! ;)


Unless you are hiding in a cave, you would know that Social Networking Web sites are the most up-to-date and the best way to interact with other users on the Internet.

There are two kinds of people: Those who share and restrict their profiles to most family members and few friends. And those who share everything openly, even with those who they don’t know.
Whichever kind you are, there is one kind of a list that everyone needs to keep in mind before sharing or posting anything on any social platform.

The infamous but most important “Do Not Share on Social Media” List
  •           Unwanted Polls/Apps quizzes:
           So when you sign up to find out who is the celebrity you most identify with, the owners of that poll/quiz now have access to your personal information. If you noticed, when you click on such quizzes/Apps it asks you to “allow” for some information in order to play the game. So something you think is in confidence can easily be shared and before you know it, someone you don't even know has access to something very private.
          Don’t risk your information by playing unnecessary app games. Grow up!

  •        Password Hints:
        This is one very important point in the list which often goes unnoticed.Most Web sites that contain secure personal information require a password and a password hint question, for e.g.- What’s your mother’s maiden name? What’s your first school’s name?Posting any of these details on a Facebook wall or status update indirectly may not look like a big deal but it can easily pave a way into your personal accounts or even bank accounts.
           You don’t want that, do you!? K

  •           Do not share your Love Letter :
          We understand you are highly expressive but there’s something called a “Personal Life” and one needs to respect it. One need not go around with a bullhorn announcing your story or a break up. There’s always a way to private message on twitter and Facebook.

       Kindly do that! J

  •      Photos of your platinum(or any) credit card :
            Congratulations on that but be prepared to get bankrupted in no time. L

  •    Any official company information :  News of a big project role or any acquisition or clientele information and anything else about your workplace should be kept private. Never post anything that is beneficial to your company’s contender.

  •       Ambiguous posts :Posting statuses like “Oh no” and “Oops” or “I wish” and on being questioned as to what had happened and then saying “would not like to disclose it on social media”.

           Really? Why did you put it up then? K

  •                  Address and Phone Number. :Don’t be surprised to have your house robbed. If you post that you're going on holiday and you have your address posted, then everyone knows you have an empty house.

          Don’t call for trouble, darling! J  Be Alert.

This is the era of Social Media and it has beautiful benefits, but there are consequences as well. If you are not responsible with what you post, it can turn out to be your worst nightmare!
Post Responsibly! :D


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Aditi Namburi,
Social Media Account Manager.

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