Thursday, 16 April 2015

Grave mistakes Aspirants make on LinkedIn

Today, LinkedIn is the No. 1 social media platform for all the professionals with most recruiters all around the world go through the aspirant’s LinkedIn profile before recruiting them. Statistics show that almost 83% of all professionals are on LinkedIn. However, not all professionals seem to be using this platform rightly.


Here are 8 mistakes one tends to ignore often:

1.      Unethical Photo: One cannot have a very glamorous picture or an appropriate party picture as their dp. Group photos are a big NO-NO. It seems unprofessional and has high chances of being ignored by the recruiters.

2.      Degree as Experience: A very common mistake, your graduation, studies cannot be termed as “work experience”. Only job details fit in the category and degree comes under education.

3.      Zero recommendations and endorsements: It’s a tough task but having no recommendations will make it difficult for the recruiter to know you from a third party perspective. Endorsements always show your strengths from people’s perspective and thus, having them proves beneficial.

4.      Not following any companies/groups: Not joining any will leave you with no ideas and connections. Joining and following companies and groups keeps you updated with what’s going on in the industry you’re interested in, Active participation will lead to new networks. No point being on LinkedIn and not following groups/companies.


5.      Grammatical errors: Nothing can go worse than a silly grammatical error. One of the most stringent aspect recruiter’s checks for. You don’t want them to lose out on you because of your one silly mistake. Your profile and summary needs to be written in the same tense.

6.      Outdated profile:  Another noticeable mistake people make are having profiles with the heading “Working at“refers to the company they have worked at earlier. Make sure that you keep updating your profile, to what you are doing presently.

7.      Spamming connections: Do not spam and keep sending requests to random people you don’t really know anything about. Its alright to connect but spamming every time they refuse to accept is a big NO! Don’t look desperate on LinkedIn.

8.      Publishing irrelevant posts: If you are in interested in a particular field and you end up publishing posts about your favourite actors doesn’t make sense. Be careful about what you are publishing as a lot can be understood with your posts.

If you are making any of the above mistakes, it’s never too late to make amends! ;)
Let us know if there are other mistakes that a person could tend to make while using LinkedIn.

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Aditi Namburi

Social Media Account Manager.

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